Selling porn in the digital age….


In this digital age things like streaming media torrent downloads have taken some of the cash out of selling adult movies. I have been giving this a lot of thought recently and I realized that all the money making opportunity in the world is still there.

Google the internets biggest purveyor of click / view to pay advertising has a brilliant plan in place that generated them, and the people who post their videos / photos / blogs and stories money. How come noone has done this with the porn sites? All of the major tube sites have advertising on them, but all of that money is going in the sites pocket and not the person / studio / talent posting the videos.

So here is the plan, a FREE tube site with ads on every video and page, all controlled by the people who own the site, and they pay the studios to bring the content to them. Its like Hulu but strictly porn. Studios would get a royalty rate for ever play on their video as well as get an upfront fee for posting the content. The site generates its cash using the same system it does now, advertising / affiliate programs.

In the end it works out better for everyone. Studios get paid, Sites get traffic = Everyones happy.

Now someone make it a reality!

Just a Thought
Jason Constantine

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